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Introducing a building system that promises lasting strength and durability.

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In a remarkable feat of construction innovation, a new house is set to rise in just a matter of days, showcasing the remarkable capabilities of the Bygcom building system. This system, championed by Ecoflex Ltd in collaboration with Cydam Group, is poised to redefine mass housing in Nigeria, offering a solution that blends strength, efficiency, and longevity.

A New Standard in Building

The Bygcom building system, selected for its exceptional attributes, is making waves in the construction industry. Ecoflex Ltd, a trailblazer in sustainable development, and Cydam Group, a global leader in innovation, have strategically aligned to bring this system to Nigeria. The house under construction serves as a testament to the system's robustness and the potential for revolutionizing the way we build.

A Century of Endurance

What sets the Bygcom building system apart is its unrivaled durability. As Ecoflex Ltd and Cydam Group set their sights on mass housing in Nigeria, they are introducing a solution that promises structures capable of standing strong for generations. With a lifespan projected to extend a hundred years without issues, the Bygcom building system assures residents of homes that are not just built for today, but for the future.

"A new house is being built in a few days with the Bygcom building system. The same system as ECOFLEX is going to use for mass housing in Nigeria in partnership with Cydam Group. The house is very strong and will last a hundred years without problems."

A Vision for Sustainable Living

Ecoflex Ltd and Cydam Group share a vision of creating sustainable living environments that stand the test of time. With the introduction of the Bygcom building system, this vision is becoming a reality. Beyond longevity, the system's efficient construction methods and eco-friendly materials contribute to a future where mass housing solutions prioritize durability, energy efficiency, and minimal environmental impact.

Embrace the Future of Housing

As construction continues on the house built with the Bygcom building system, we invite you to witness firsthand the strength and promise it holds. Join us in ushering in a new era of construction excellence, where homes are more than just structures—they are legacies of strength, resilience, and enduring quality. Contact us to learn more about our partnership and the transformative potential of the Bygcom building system.

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