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We build innovative lightweight structures in cold-rolled steel

The strength, durability and very precise assembly as well as the cold-rolling gives you entirely new opportunities and solid solutions.

Build with our steel frame solutions

Reduce project costs with modern technology

Exceptional quality, unbeatable value

Obtain the benefits of cold-rolled steel

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Cutting-edge construction with sustainable materials
Redefining construction with cold-rolled steel
Affordable construction with innovative technology

Building a better future with innovative technology

We are proud to offer real estate development, construction, and engineering services that utilize innovative cold-rolled steel technology to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Join us in this journey.

Innovative Steel:

Improving efficiency, reducing costs, and building better futures.

Exceptional Quality

We take pride in every detail of our work and maximize quality.

Sustainable Materials:

Building responsibly for a greener tomorrow.

Client Satisfaction:

Our success depends on your satisfaction.


Efficient construction with innovative steel technology.

We work with builders, manufacturers, academia, real estate agents, home owners and Government to create designs and build a new generation of African homes from the first growing modern and middle class to the high class families in Africa

Unvarying Quality

Real Estate Development

Sustainable housing focused to promote African architecture at low cost with maximum luxury

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Construction and Engineering

From foundations to highways: innovative and modern solutions in construction and building

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Energy and Waste Management

Co-locating wind, solar and waste to energy plants to save cost and increase efficiency.

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Investment and Free Trade Zone

Maximize your investment returns and achieve your business goals with expertise and guidance.

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Exports and Logistics

Drive your business's growth and maximize your profits with comprehensive export and logistics services.

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Mining and Manufacturing

Unleashing the power of mining and manufacturing: Innovative and expertise and solutions

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Providing low cost housing and revamping urban lifestyle in Africa

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16 Nkwere Crescent Area 11 Garki Abuja, Nigeria


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